A Little Bit of Coffee History…

Italian coffee began in 1610 from trades with Istanbul. By 1645, the first Italian Coffeehouse opened in Venice, and Italians from around the country gathered to enjoy the delicious drink. Soon, the delighted Italians invented the Espresso, meaning “when something is forced out,” as boiling water is forced through pressed coffee grounds for the most intense flavor possible.

Enticing Coffee has not been delivering authentic Italian coffee for hundreds of years (rather, ten years), but we’ve studied the art of making the perfect cup of Espresso. After testing hundreds of coffee machines, we found the best Espresso and Cappuccino makers that Italy has to provide! State-of-the-art designs combine with push-of-a-button quickness to create a masterpiece-in-a-mug.

We strive to provide a superior customer experience with our gourmet coffee products and services, using only the best products with the best prices. Our years of experience make us number one in your home and your taste buds!


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions, so please rate every product you purchase with us to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on, or contact our President Angel Chirino with your concerns and questions to receive personal attention and care.


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